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Luxury goods transactions

When a customer buys a luxury good, they need a certificate to make sure the good is real, and being sold by a legal agent

However, the certificate itself can be forged easily

We provide a solution for luxury sellers to add forgery protection on the certificates they issue. Hence, their customers can trust their products are real, and allow their customers to sell the products later in a higher price (as the product is already certified)

Wine storage certificate

Wine storage providers need certificates to verify their storages are capable to store the luxurious wines.

Certification authority wants to renew the certificates on a yearly basis, without re-issuing a new certificate every year

We provide a solution for certification authorities so that they can update the expiry date of their certificates easily. When the public scan QR codes on the certificate, they can verify the certificate and know the current expiry date of the certificate

Event entry

Event holders may allow third parties to issue tickets for them.

Event venue may not have access to the Internet / network congestion is too high for stable Internet connection.

We provide a ticketing solution allowing trusted 3rd parties to issue tickets. The tickets can be verified offline.

Coupon issuing

Companies may issue coupons of a trusted retailer to their customers.

There is no protection on whether the coupon is valid or redeemed already

We provide a coupon management solution so that companies can issue verifiable coupons easily while the retailers and coupon holders can verify a coupon is real and check whether it is redeemed in real time by just scanning a QR code

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