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About Us

Authpaper provides software solutions to cater our customers’ needs, especially concerns related to false documents and document handling.

Based on an award-winning technology, Authpaper allows our customers to add a visible, cost effective, secure forgery protection on their e-documents using special QR code stamps. The stamps contain a document copy, which is protected by a worldwide recognized digital signature standard (ECDSA). Hence document recipients can verify the documents by just scanning the QR codes.

This solution is unique in the market as our customers do not need to upload their documents to the Internet on order to attain forgery protection. Besides, it also allows users to transfer the document both digitally and physically with protections.

Besides forgery, we also provide different kinds of document handling solutions. For example, an online system for certification authorities to issue term certificates which can be renewed without re-issuing, and a coupon management system facilitating cross-party coupon verifications and clearances.

In the long run, Authpaper aims to protect all kinds of documents in different markets, and provide standards for companies and governments to issue and handle unforgeable documents using plain papers. Hence reduce the loss of fraud document to the companies and the whole society. We also want to increase the awareness of fraud document problems and promote the inventions in Hong Kong to the world.


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